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Fertilizer balls

Price €12.90

The balls are made and rolled by hand. After finished manufacture, balls are dried in the sun to extract the moisture. These balls are extremely rich in minerals and trace elements necessary for growth plants (you can notice from the dark colors) and 100% pure!

Fish Food Powder

Price €11.90

FISH FOOD POWDER is an alternative to feeding for those who don’t have live foods.It can be use in case you have problems with the production of live foods or your stock of live foods are almost run out.(It can be use for all types of fry:Betta, Guppy, Platy etc...)

Mix Betta food

Price €28.20

Choose from our “FOOD KIT” to enjoy all the foods in less amounts. You can also contact us to create your own “food kit” specific to your needs! (It is possible to create a food kit by mix different kind of food such as shrimp food with exotic fish food in one kit)