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Catappa cut (S)

100% natural Bio Catappa leaves with quality. Manufacturing by Artisans.


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Catappa leaves have many properties for the aquarium and they are excellent for delicate species. Catappa leaves have two ”active ingredients” Humic acids and Sap of Catappa. (also use them as a traditional medicine)

It has many properties such as :





Other advantages :

- Strengthens health and vitality of fish (also for shrimp)

- “Brown” water from Catappa reproduce the natural state of some tropical fish (reduce the intensity of light, reassure fish and make them calm)

- More vibrant colors of fish

- Reduce  pH of water

- Prepare and stimulate fish for breeding 

- Allows Labyrinth Fish (Betta for example) to create a bubble more sticky and stronger

- Extra food for shrimp and other invertebrates 

Our manufacturing method :

We work with our own trees in a traditional and organic way.

First, we collected and selected leaves that fall under the trees on healthy soil (not took fresh leaves from the tree!). This makes it possible to have leaves rich in sap and good quality.

Second, we put leaves into a large basins (BPA free), added water to clean and make leaves more flexible (allowed them to be flattened before drying process).

This is one of the longest steps because leaves are cleaned with hand one by one!

After cleaned, leaf petioles are cut one by one. This cut helps leaves not to be damaged during storage and delivery.

Now, leaves are ready to be dry! Leaves are arranged on non-chemical wood panels.When leaves are well aligned, put other wood panel over them so leaves will stay flat.

A few days later...leaves are ready to take! They are sorted and selected to packages, then shipping.

Important : It is important to use freshly fallen leaves so that they have maximum sap of Catappa. “Old”leaf is not ideal, they are often devoid of sap and have only humic acids.

Leaves can be store for one year without any problems providing on store away from light and moisture.

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Betta, Shrimps, Tropical Fish, Fresh Water Fish ...
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